Fitness One is an Australian based company responsible for retailing fitness products together with the best deals and offers updated weekly. Our Fitness Products that are designed to benefit the body, mind, and soul.

At fitness one we aspire to inspire. We inhale intention and exhale expectation. Our goal is to help every client reach their goals providing them the essential equipment to reach their respective fitness desires.

We specialise in at home strength training, also called weight training or resistance training, is an important part of any fitness routine. It helps make you stronger and also builds muscle endurance.

With strength training, you move your body against some type of resistance, such as:

  • your body weight
  • free weights, like dumbbells or barbells
  • resistance bands, also known as resistance tubing or workout bands
  • resistance machines, like cable machines or single-exercise machines

Strength training is a versatile type of workout that you can do almost anywhere. While it’s a popular exercise option at many gyms, you can also build a robust strength training program that you can do in the comfort and privacy of your home.

We promote responsible enjoyment of outdoor and indoor fitness that will benefit any individual and potentially give them a healthier mind and body. We are committed to updating our products and verifying them so our clients get the highest quality products that enable them to get the best results. Here at Fitness One, we value health and feel that it is our responsibility to inspire and motivate as many people as we can to start their fitness journeys!